What Defines A Safe Installation For Children?

Safe Installation

By installation with child electrical safety, we understand that which minimizes the likelihood of accidents that may endanger the life and health of children. For this we can take several measures:

Have several electrical circuits to feed different areas; lighting, heating, for kitchen appliances, etc.

In addition to the phase and neutral cables, you need a third yellow and green cable that we know as the ground line. This cable is important since in case there is a current leakage problem in the installation directs the electricity towards the ground.

Each electrical circuit requires a magneto thermic switch, which is arranged in the electrical panel at the entrance of the house. In the case of overheating or short circuit, the circuit breaker will “trip” and cut off the power supply thus preventing hazards such as a fire.

We invite you to when you have read, go to the tips and choose only five of them and thus minimize the electrical risk of your home until next time.